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Table of Contents - Access The World and Write Your Way To $$$

Chapter 1 - Ideas and Basic Information-
Generating ideas
Market Directories
Media Awareness Network
Salaries and Statistics in Media Jobs
Surf-Safety checklist
Using "Writer's Market"

EXERCISE 1: Start an idea file
EXERCISE 2: Study markets and get writers guidelines
EXERCISE 3: Topic Spoke

Advice FromThe Pros:

1-1, Daily Warmups,

1-2, Let Multi-Tasking = Efficient Writing,

1-3, Let Toggle = Efficient Writing,

1-4, Let Clip and Save = Efficient Writing,

1-5, Let Filing Methodically = Efficient Writing,

1-6, Let Retrieving Misplaced Data = Efficient Writing,

1-7,  Let Right Mouse Button and\or Ctrl Key = Efficient Writing:

1-8, Let One Idea = Endless Writing:

Chapter 2 - Careers and Marketing,
Databases of Magazines
Getting Magazines to Study
How and Where to Search The Internet For Magazines
Locating Archives
Model Releases
Photographs and writing
Sell Your Writing Overseas
Where to Read Magazines Online

EXERCISE 1. Get magazines and study them.

Advice From The Pros:

1-9, Treasure Hunting For Markets:

1-10, Write What You Know? Ha!, by Bob Freiday:

Chapter 3 - The e-World and e-Zine Publishing -
Learning about and finding ezines
Writing e-queries

EXERCISE 1. Study E-zines.
EXERCISE 2. Select one story idea and find 20 markets for it. (TIP: See Week 1-8, Topic Spoke: 1-8, )

Advice FromThe Pros:

1-11, Other Uses For "Mailbox" Information:

1-12 How to Double-space e-mail: >

Chapter 4 - Writers Guidelines and Magazine Calendars
Finding Writers Guidelines
Getting Guidelines For Print or e-Zine Magazines
Guidelines Database
Magazine calendar

EXERCISE 1. Analyze 3 of the target magazines you pick for your idea.
EXERCISE 2. Get (print) guidelines from the three magazines you picked to target your story to.
EXERCISE 3. Find a magazine calendar online.

Advice FromThe Pros:

2-1, How To Be Your Editor's Favorite Freelancer:

2-2, Tools for Writing Online:

2-3, Make Tiny URLs:

2-4, Electronic Publishing:

2-5, Grammar Resources:

Chapter 5 - Copyrights, Previously Published Works,and Using Quotations:
Citing Your Sources
Database of Copyrights
Finding Experts to Quote
Freedom of Information Act Law
Freedom of Information Act Law Megasources For
Getting Quotations
History of Copyright in the United States
Newspaper Copyrights
Termination of Copyrights
The Cyberlaw Encyclopedia
United States Copyrights
Website Copyright

EXERCISE 1. Get a quote from an online source for a (real or imagined) story.
EXERCISE 2. Make the proper source citation in a (real or imagined) story.

Advice FromThe Pros:

3-1, Copyright Infringements and Abstracts: ht

3-2, Publishing letters:

3-3, Critiquing How-To:

3-4, Interviewing to Write Profiles:

3-5, Quoting Quotes:

Chapter 6 - Permissions and Writer Beware:
Getting permissions
Quoting music lyrics
Writer beware

EXERCISE 1. Get permission from an online source to quote material for a (real or imagined) story.

Chapter 7 - Resources:
Children Who Write
For Teachers of Children Who Are Writing
Inspirations and Resource Links
Online Writer's Resources
Teacher's Research Sources
Writer's Lists

EXERCISE 1. Join The Internet Writing Workshop for one week and participate by critiquing three stories in any genre of your choice. (TIP: Read handout, "Critiquing How-to." Go to the following web site and read FAQ, then follow instruction.

Chapter 8 - Newsgroups, Forums and Reference Desks:
Newsgroup Reader Software
Reference Desks
The Downside

EXERCISE 1. Get permission from an online source to quote material for a (real or imagined) story.
EXERCISE 2. Make the proper source citation in a (real or imagined) story.

Advice FromThe Pros:

3-6, Words to Pages - book size:

3-7, Let Writing Careers and Writers and Artists Glossary Terms Enhance Your Vocabulary:

Chapter 9 - Querying and Related Issues:
Following Up On Queries
Multiple Submissions
Notification of sales
Querying and Related Issues
The Query Is Three Parts
Why You Should Query
Writing The Query Letter

EXERCISE 1. Write a query letter to the editor of each of three magazines you have targeted for your story idea. TIP: To do this, you'll decide on THEME, SLANT, STYLE. Offer, in your query letter, to HELP the editor's readers ENJOY learning about your topic. Make use of the publications style and jargon.

EXERCISE 2. Write a make-believe follow up to the query letter you wrote earlier.

Advice FromThe Pros:

4-1, Active Voice or Passive Voice:

4-2, Grammar Tutor Online:

4-3, Improving the Query Letter:

4-4, The Internet - Your Road To Successful Writing and Marketing:

4-5, Writers and Networking:

4-6, The 'Rights' You Market:

Chapter 10 - Manuscript Preparation:
Citing the Bibliography
Computer Publishing
Critique Services
Formatting Your Manuscript in .pdf
From Word Processor to E-mail
Magazine Closing Dates
Preparing Your Manuscripts
Proof Reader
Submitting Electronically
Web Design
Web Writing
Words to Beware of Using

EXERCISE 1. Write a story, addressing it to an editor at one of the magazines you picked.
EXERCISE 2. Convert your story to ASCII and paste a copy into an e-mail.
EXERCISE 3. Convert your story to double lines and past a copy into an e-mail. (TIP: Refer to handout, "How to Double-space E-mail.")

Advice FromThe Pros:

5-1, Essay Cover Letters:

5-2, Expedient Word Processor Functions:

Chapter 11 - Greeting Card Business:
Get to Know the Greeting Card Business
Greeting Card Company Contacts and Guidelines
Greeting Card Mistakes to Avoid
Greeting Card Publishers

EXERCISE 1. Read the online issues about greeting cards.

Advice FromThe Pros:

5-3, Model Release:

5-4, Photographs:

Chapter 12 - Other Writing Opportunities:
Opinion-editorial (Op-ed)
Screen Writing
Stay Abreast of Online Marketplace Changes
Writing Book Reviews
Writing for Online Sites

EXERCISE 1. Study and discuss other writing opportunities. Make a priority list of writing jobs in the order of your 1st preferences.

Advice FromThe Pros:

5-5, Screenwriters Online Resources:

5-6, Medical Writing: (currently being updated)

5-7, Travel Writing:

5-8, Newspaper Contracts: >

Chapter 13 - Genre Writing and Writing for Children:
Genre Writers
Names and Body Language
Novel Writing and Group Writing
Science Fiction
Who Wants Your Book?
Writing for Children

EXERCISE 1. Study and discuss the various genres. List all genres you could write a story for. TIP: Use your idea file. Topic spoke.

Advice FromThe Pros:

6-1, Strong Fictional Characters:

6-2, All About Names:

6-3, Character Traits:

6-4, Show Versus Tell Issues:

6-5, Song Lyrics, Fair Use and Trademarks:

6-6 e-Zines By The Dozen:

Chapter 14 - Tending to Business:
Cashing in From Databases
Co-authoring and Contracts
Contract Help
Getting Your Money
Health Insurance
Know Your Rights and Fees
Setting Up Shop
The Letter of Understanding
Writers Digest Fee Chart

EXERCISE 1. Create a business plan.
EXERCISE 1. Set up your record keeping method. (Books, ledgers, reports that will help you at tax time.)

Advice FromThe Pros:

7-1, Freelance and Security:

7-2, Infringement and Plagiarizing:

7-3, What About Taxes :

7-4, Formatting your manuscript in .pdf:

7-5, Publications That Renig on Payment:

Chapter 15 - The Many Facets of Freelancing:
$$$ and Sense of Publishing Specialties
Associations and Freelancing
Personal Interest Stories
Technical Writing
Trades Writing
Writing Columns
Writing Memoirs
Writing Parenting Articles

Advice FromThe Pros:

8-1, Negotiate Your Contract! (waiting for permission)

8-2, Collecting What's Due You:

Chapter 16 - Education and Reference:
Finding Dates and Statistics
Guide to Writers Conferences
Unique Discovery Sites

Advice From The Pros:

8-3 Purposeful Pitching - How To Get The Most Out Of Writers Conferences:

Chapter 17 - Organizations and Newspapers:
Magazine Publishers
Publisher's organizations

EXERCISE 1. Write your resume.
EXERCISE 2. List your education goals.

Advice FromThe Pros:

8-4, PR is PR:

Chapter 18 - Book Publishing:
Targeting The Right Publisher
Additional Book Publishing Resources
Alternative to Having an Agent
Book Contracts
E-Book Reader\Creater
Electronic Text and Publishing Resources
E-Royalty Advice
Marketing Savvy
Print-On-Demand Books
Publishing Books
Software For Printing Booklets
Targeting The Right Publisher
The International Standard Book Number (ISBN)
Ways to Market an E-book
Writing The Book Proposal

EXERCISE 1. Write a sketch of a book idea that sparks an interest in you -- fiction or non-fiction.
EXERCISE 2. Write a short article about what's happening in the book-publishing world now.

Advice FromThe Pros:

9-1 "Plussing" Your Novel:

9-2, About That Agent:

9-3 Audio Book Publishing:

9-4, E-Book publishing and e-book readers:

9-5, Book Publicity and Marketing:

9-6, What About Distribution and Publicists?

9-7, What an Agent Expects to See:

9-8, Promoting Your Book:

9-9, Trade Book Publishing Agreement:

Chapter 19 - Research and Libraries:
Finding Articles
Informative Books
Library Searches
People Names
Research Navigator

Chapter 20 - Dictionairies and Fun With Words:
Grammar check
Grammar, Style and Wordplay
Phrase Finder
Roget, Gutenberg, How Can You Go Wrong?
The Word Detective
Writing Errors

Chapter 21 - Polish, Sell, and Enjoy Rewards!:

10-1, Sold Again:

10-2, Selling Reprints + Finding Reprint Markets :

10-3, Publishing and Book Manuscript Format:

10-4, More Useful Links to Markets:

10-5, Use Wi-Fi Legally:

10-6, Writing Software:

10-7 Blog Income Tips: (being revised)

10-8 So You Want To Be a Literary Writer?:

10-9 Permission to Publish Releases,

EXERCISE 1. Share Yahoo (stories or responses to queries.)

Advice FromThe Pros:

Access The World and Write Your Way To $$$:
Advice From The Pros:

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